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Product :Bio Sakura Paint


Composition:Pigment, Water, Cellulose based Resin, Inorganic Oxide etc…

Application:Wood, Wooden based Substrate, Floor, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal etc…


Do not contain Organic Solvent

100 % VOC FreeFeatures


●Bio Sakura Paint is the water based plant vegan paint and do not use much of petroleum derived raw materials and chemicals.  ●Bio Sakura  cares about sustainability. Since raw materials are made from plant, Bio Sakura Paint can be carbon neutral because CO2 emission can be reduced as plant absorb CO2 during their growth.●Bio Sakura Paint is mainly for wood, wooden based materials. ● Paint also can be painted to ceramic, metal, plastic substrate etc・・・ However, drying time could be long and adhesion could be weak depending upon the substrate.  ●Bio Sakura Paint do not contain any organic solvent such as
 toluene, xylene so that it is Relatively harmless to human, animal
 and nature. ●100% VOC free. 


●Surface should be free from dirt, grease and wax. ●Use at room temperature for best results. Please shake the container well to mix the paint inside. ●This is the water based paint so that please use
water for dilution and not organic solvent.


●Please use paintbrush to paint. ●One can paint more than 2 times as you like to make paints thicker. ●Paint can be harden and dried after 10 minutes to 1 hour depend upon the temperature, humidity in surrounding environment. ●Do not rub or scrub on the paint strongly because paint may come off even after paint is dried. ●One of the main component  (Cellulose based Resin)of this paint is biodegradable so that Paints may decompose and come off after certain
time (Biodegradability test is ongoing).

Bio Sakura Paint:Plant Biomass Water based Paint:White

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